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03.07.17 /  Kategorie: Passive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

New Wide Terminal Chip Resistor with T.C.R. +-75ppm/K for Automotive



KOA's automotive current sensing chip resistors with wide terminations now achieve T.C.R. ±75ppm/K.

KOA’s new WU73-series, available in size 0612 inch and in the resistance range 10 mW to 100 mW, is suitable for current sensing and offers a better T.C.R. compared to the standard wide terminal series.

The better heat dissipation due to these wider terminals helps to save board space. The high terminal strength is due to the large soldering area.
The short distance between the terminals results in significantly less expansion stress in the solder joints.

Features and advantages:

  • Higher reliability in power applications (compared to standard resistor)
  • Improved terminal strength (compared to standard resistor)
  • Lower expansion stress (compared to standard resistor)
  • Lower temperature rise (compared to standard resistor)
  • PCB space saving (compared to standard resistor)
  • Excellent heat dissipation characteristics
  • Superior temperature and power cycling performance
  • AEC-Q200 qualified

Technical specifications:

  • Resistance range: 10 mW up to 100 mW, ±1% tolerance
  • Power rating: 1 W
  • T.C.R. (new, improved):
    ±100 ppm/K (10 mΩ…12 mΩ);
    ±75 ppm/K (13 mΩ…27 mΩ);
    ±100 ppm/K (30 mΩ…100 mΩ)

Mechanical data:

  • 0612 size
  • Short distance between the terminations
  • Small mechanical stress at solder fillet
  • Low thermal expansion


  • Automotive, including "under the hood" applications such as ECUs
  • Power supplies
  • DC-DC converters
  • Motor controls
  • Industrial power controls
  • Battery packs
  • Consumer electronics