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26. 05. 2015 /  Kategorie: Aktive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

MOSFETs in PDFN33 Package


New N- and P-channel power MOSFETs are available in Taiwan Semiconductor’s low- to mid-voltage high performance trench power MOSFET portfolio.

The advanced trench technology is designed with significantly lower total gate charge...

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18. 05. 2015 /  Kategorie: Aktive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

Controlled Avalanche Rectifiers for General Purpose & Automotive


The TPAR3D-TPAR3J and TPAU3D-TPAU3J families of 3A ultra-fast rectifiers are new high performance products, low reverse recovery time (trr) rectifier portfolio.

The leakage and low reverse recovery time of these rectifiers...

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